St Christophers Day Centre

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2010-08-17 14:03:14
St Christoper's is a greatly improved Day Centre for special needs individuals.
The services provided from this centre are fantastic . The dedication by the staff to all who avail of the centre is tremendous.
With well organised events frequently.
Also bringing the children and adults on day trips and to the swimming pool.
It truly is great to see the comfort and care given and the encouragement provided to enable everyone to develop their skills.
A wonderful organisation for anyone needing their services.
Giving family relief and support to all.
Marvelous place.

St Christopher's is for special needs
In social skill's it truly leads
A day trip out, or off to the pool
This is an excellent educaional school.

The people here are nobody's fool. :)
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    Leamore Pk Battery rd Longford Co. Longford
    Longford IE
    • (043)3341769
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